Is Your TxDOT Identification Number Visible?

Apply it to your commercial vehicle in Sundown, TX

Every commercial vehicle in Texas needs to follow state regulations. One of the most important things that drivers need to have and display is their TxDOT identification number.

Can2 Printz & More creates decals and more with your TxDOT number, so others can identify your commercial vehicle in Sundown, TX. Create your highly visible decal with our screen-printing team today by calling 806-598-9940.

Find out if your vehicle needs a TxDOT number

Find out if your vehicle needs a TxDOT number

The state of Texas requires commercial drivers to display their TxDOT number based on certain requirements. You'll need to make sure your TxDOT identification number is visible if you...

  • Own or operate a vehicle of over 26,000 pounds as the gross weight
  • Operate a farm vehicle with a gross weight of over 48,000 pounds
  • Transport hazardous materials in high quantities
  • Operate a vehicle designed to hold over 15 passengers
  • Operate a commercial school bus
  • Transport household goods for compensation

Does your vehicle meet any of these standards? If the answer is yes, then it's time to start your screen-printing project. Order your TxDOT number decal from our team today.